Dr Sara Jane Hammond (Osteopath)

About Your Osteopath

Dr Sara Jane Hammond (Osteopath)

B.Sc. (Clin. Sc.), M.H.Sc. (Osteo)

Sara Jane was ten when she started giving her mum massages, and this was when her passion for bodywork awoke. While Sara Jane knew from early on that she wanted to be a manual therapist, she wasn’t entirely sure what form that would take, until she spoke to a family friend who was in his 2nd year of studying Osteopathy.

Once she looked into Osteopathy and its unique approach to healthcare, she knew this was what she wanted to do and what she wanted to be a part of. Sara Jane began studying Osteopathy in her hometown of Melbourne in 2000. After completing her Bachelor degree at Victoria University, she started working as a Remedial Massage Therapist. She completed her Masters in Health Science (Osteopathy) at Victoria Univeristy in 2006.

Sara Jane has worked in many different environments, including spas and the corporate sector, but prefers working in a clinic setting alongside other practitioners. She has worked both for herself and within a multidisciplinary clinic alongside, and in conjunction with, Massage Therapists, Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners, Naturopaths and other allied health professionals.

In 2013 she moved to Nova Scotia, Canada, where she was exposed to a varied and challenging patient base and it was during this time that she developed a particular interest in the more indirect approach to Osteopathy, especially in its application to children.

In 2015 Sara Jane moved to Ireland to work with a paediatric osteopath where she was privileged to practice a four-handed approach to treating both infants and adults.

In 2016 Sara Jane decided to make the move back to Australia and make Brisbane her new home.

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