Osteopath treating young child

What to expect from a treatment

As our name suggests our aim is to allow your body to find balance and return to its normal state of health. 
Most patients find treatment extremely relaxing and osteopathy aims reduce stress levels by increasing the efficiency of your bodies' systems, such as your cardiovascular system, neurological system and lymphatic system.
Treatment can involve various techniques from soft tissue massage, stretching, joint mobilisation, joint manipulation and cranial osteopathy.
It is not unusual to be a little bit tender after treatment, especially if you have not been exposed to manual therapy before, but this will usually resolve within a couple of days. Feel free to ring and talk should you have any concerns.
It is ideal to wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing for your appointments. Sometimes the Osteopath may ask you to undress to your underwear to better assess or treat the relevant areas.
Consent will always be obtained from the patient before any assessment and treatment commences.